New 'Iron Man 3' Shows Many Iron Man Suits Flying Off


New IRON MAN 3 poster from Yahoo!Movies (via SuperheroHype), with word to expect a new trailer on Tuesday, March 5th. As exciting as the previous sequences were, here's hoping we'll get to see "new" imagery (including a glimpse at the "Deep Space Suit" armor we know is going to happen on the silver screen … please? heehee).


Character Posters for Tony Stark & Pepper Potts


Two new character images from Iron Man 3 - featuring Robert Downey Jr as "Tony Stark" aka Iron Man (shown above) on the cover of EMPIRE magazine, and Gwyneth Paltrow as "Pepper Potts" (shown below). I've never been a huge fanatic of Ms Paltrow as Ms Potts when she first was in the role, now I can't imagine anyone else but her in the role … but somehow I still feel the "chemistry" is missing both characters, IMHO. But then again, who am I to say about such things? lol

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Deep Space Suit & Hulkbuster: Official concept art from 'Iron Man 3'

DFeep Space Suit form Iron Man 3

Spotted on the Vendrell Productions' Facebook page are the "official" concept art for IRON MAN 3 showcasing the Deep Space Suit Armor and Hulkbuster. And while the Deep-Space suit had been a hot-bed of story-reveal-fiasco not too long ago, would the Hulkbuster be revealed in the movie itself? Sure ties in with the Planet Hulk / World War Hulk concept for Marvel's Phase Three, innit? *GOOSEPIMPLES*

Hulkbuster Concept Art for Iron Man 3


'The Mandarin' Character Poster for 'Iron Man 3'


Here's a closer look at The MANDARIN in "Iron Man 3" starring Ben Kingley as the villain for this highly anticipated feature film! I didn't know "The Mandarin" wore camouflage-pants? With painted-on/embroidered dragon motifs, no less! Celluloid-terrorists are getting tres-chic with their ensemble = *NICE*

The Iron Man Facebook-page also prompts folks to "pick up a copy of Empire Magazine to get your own copy of this awesome poster featuring the mysterious Mandarin!"

You can also click HERE to view the previous character-poster image, showcasing brilliant geneticist "Aldrich Killian" (played by actor Guy Pearce) - also from Empire Magazine.

'Aldrich Killian' Character Poster for 'Iron Man 3'

Aldrich Killian

Actor Guy Pearce as "Aldrich Killian" - a "brilliant geneticist" and no doubt in opposition with Tony Stark in IM3, yeh? (Image via the Iron Man Facebook).


New Iron Man 3 LEGOs (Movie Story Spoilers?)

"As you can see from the (images), there are hints at the "Extremis"-related fate of Pearce's Aldrich Killian, an action scene involving an interesting-looking vehicle piloted by Kingsley's Mandarin and the suggestion that we'll see both Cheadle's Rhodey in the "classic" War Machine armor and someone other than Tony Stark in the Iron Man armor." -reports Silas Lesnick of SuperHeroHype on these newly released LEGOs sets from the "Iron Man 3" movie.

Don't you love it when "toys" possibly reveal movie plots? Gotta love "action sets" tho!


Iron Man 3 Wacky Wobblers from Funko

Iron Man 3 Wacky Wobblers

In the days to come, I will be taking a closer look at each individual Wacky Wobbler from Funko, for their "Iron Man 3" line. Do note that these collectibles will be available from February 18th, so do check with your fav retailers / vendors for availability and pricing!

'Iron Man 3' (Extended) Super Bowl TV Spot

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