Iron Man 2 Viral: Stark-Fujikawa's HUD a vision into the future

The final of the three "Better Living Through Technology" *viral videos* to support Tony Stark's Stark Expo in Iron Man 2 is now live! Stark-Fujikawa present the STARK HUD 2020 - Suit Up!: http://www.starkexpo2010.com/fujikawa


* High speed data in the palm of your hand!
* Geo-location services and tourist information!
* Weather and traffic updates!
* Social networking tools and applications!
* Mood-monitoring jukebox!
* Matchmaker targeting!

PRESS: HUD (Heads Up Display) technology has long been the stuff of comic books and science fiction. Now it's a reality. Early this morning (2 am GMT) Fujikawa, the Japanese electronics manufacturer released a first glimpse of their Stark HUD 2020 which will be on display at Stark Expo early next month.

This is game changing technology which promises to take consumer optics and communication into another dimension.

It enables the user to fully and effortlessly interact with their environment and social network: you can find out what's happening in downtown Shibuya, check the weather, catch up with friends, you can even find love. with its compatibility profiling. More details such as price and launch date will be revealed on May 7th at http://www.starkexpo2010.com.

[TOYSREVIL-PSSST: The augmented reality comes around 3:30pm (UK GMT) ~ you heard it here first!]

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