Tony Stark's Iron Man Gloved-Hand in Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

One of the distinct showcase of the recent Super Bowl TV Spot for Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, was a dedicated look at Tony "Iron Man" Stark's handy "IM-glove", which he activates and uses to deflect Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes (possible) assassination attempt!

A paralleled recreation of the excitement first seen in the Iron Man xxx film, when Tony first straps on the IM-gloved-hand? No doubt an "evolution", from his briefcase-suit at the race-tracks (in "Iron Man 2"), and subsequently in the first Avengers movie, when he descends from the skies while his suit envelopes him …

Nevertheless, here is a closer "look" at the scene - via screengrabs - of what no doubt would manifest as a "toy"! Be it a "life-sized attach-on, or possibly a "variant edition bonus" that'll go with the eventual 1/6th-version released by Hot Toys, innit? HAH.


Iron Man Takes a Pounding from Captain America x Winter Soldier in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

Here's a closer look - via screengrabs - at the battle between Tony "Iron Man" Stark veers the combo attacks of Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes and Steve "Captain America" Rogers, as seen in the first trailer for Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR … dude takes a pounding worthy of watching on the big-screen!


Iron Man in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

Iron Man spotted in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”, taking a side against Captain America, fighting against his "friend", and in the above trailer, against both Cap and Einter "Bucky" Soldier!

And in the next Super Bowl / Big Game TV Spot, Tony shows off his latest glove gadget, which no doubt'll become a "toy" later!

I've not kept up to speed with Iron Man's appearance in Civil War for this blog, with thy efforts focused on my main movie-blog #Popcorn-X and perhaps on TOYSREVIL as well, but I'll persevere on!

Trailer #1 Screengrabs:

Super Bowl / Big Game TV Spot Screengrabs:

1/12 Scale Iron Man Mark 43 by Comicave Studios / Announcement of New "Omni Class"

Following up with their Japan Exclusive 1/12 Shades, Comicave Studios will be releasing the next Iron Man suit in 1/12 series, the Iron Man Mark 43. "This is the main suit featured in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Mark 43 also dons the Hulkbuster suit in the movie." shared Comicave Studios.

With an estimated Release Date at May 2016, the MSRP is US$110, with pre-orders now open online, and you could as well check in with your rfav retailer(s) for availability.

Along with this news, they have yet another announcement: The introduction of a new category “Omni Class”.
COMICAVE STUDIOS PRESS: ""Omni" means every. For every ‪‎collector. The Omni Class is suitable not only for seasoned collectors, but also junior collectors or movie fans who wish to start out on their first collection.‬

The Omni Class starts off with the 1/12 Iron Man Mark 43, which comes with a new improved design. Omni Class will also include new figures which are currently under development. We will be announcing them soon."

"Omni Class" features for the new 1/12 Mark 43 include:
- Extendable joints at torso.
- Battery compartment relocated to the back of the figure.
- To allow more flexibility and poses.
- Increase playability.
- New sleek packaging (more details coming soon).

- 75% die-cast metal.
- Gloss and matte metallic paints finishing.
- Over 20 points of articulation.
- LED lighted eyes and chest Arc Reactor.
- Approx. figure height: 6 in / 15.3 cm.
- Approx. figure weight: 0.26 lb / 120 g.
- Articulated flaps and weapons systems on suit.
- Extendable joints at shoulders, waist, thighs and ankles.

- 1 pair of shoulder missiles.
- 1 forearm missile.
- Additional hands x 4 pairs.
- 1 pair of blast effects for hands.
- 1 pair of blast effects for feet.

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