"Jim Rhodes" headsculpt for 1/4 Super Alloy "Iron Patriot" from Play Imaginative (Seen @ "Become Iron Man" at Bugis Junction)


First the prototype of "Robert Downey Jr." as "Tony Stark" headsculpt was teased at their exhibit for the "Become Iron Man" currently on display at Bugis Junction, now Play Imaginative drops a look at "Don Cheadle" as "Jim Rhodes" from the "Iron Man 3" movie, with this belonging to the 1/4-scaled Super Alloy figure.


Iron Man 3 - 1/6 War Machine Mark II Collectible Figurine from Hot Toys


"Celebrating the launch of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 movie, Hot Toys is excited to present a new addition to the premium MMS Diecast Series – the 1/6th scale War Machine Mark II Limited Edition Collectible Figurine." = Starts the press release, for a figure to add to he previously announced Iron Patriot and Mark 42! I'll let the images (and continuation of HT's Press) to speak for themselves.

PRESS: "Leading the MMS Diecast Series is the iconic Iron Man 3 Series, in which the collectible figures are made of diecast material, specially designed to look more closely to the realistic Iron Man characters in the movie. The MMS Diecast Series will take fans to the next level of authenticity, focusing on the materials, fine details and engineering of the Iron Man collectible figures, while some of the parts can be shared between our MMS and Diorama Series for displaying together in 1/6th scale. More collectibles from Iron Man 3 will be joining the the MMS Diecast Series in the future!"
PRESS-CONTINUED: "The War Machine Mark II Collectible Figurine is crafted with great details. It features a metallic black, light grey and silver armor, light-up functions and rotatable machine gun.

For fans in Hong Kong, special arrangement has been made for pre-ordering of this 1/6th scale War Machine Mark II Limited Edition Collectible Figurine. For more information, please visit Hot Toys Hong Kong Official Store – Toy Hunters Facebook Page."

Source: Hot Toys


"Night Club" Iron Man in 1/12 scale by Play Imaginative (for "Become Iron Man" @ Bugis Junction)

I like the red accents.. to me the accents makes the difference in design…

With a closer look at SHOTGUN just posted, here's a gander at the just revealed NIGHT CLUB Iron Man armor, as seen at the "Become Iron Man" promotional event at Bugis Junction, Singapore (promoting the "Iron Man 3" movie) as showcased by the producers of this 1/12th-scaled figure; Play Imaginative!

And while product availability details are yet revealed, do note that the figure on display is not the final diecast product (in their "Super Alloy" range) and is a painted prototype. And while I am not too keen on this design (versus SHOTGUN), I'll reserve my judgment/choice until I see the final product … the graphics look pretty awesome tho LOL


"Shotgun" Iron Man in 1/12 scale by Play Imaginative (for "Become Iron Man" @ Bugis Junction)

I actually like it without eye-slits, but I don't think this is the final version lol

Here's a *closer-look (aka *larger images posted ;p) at the SHOTGUN Iron Man Armor - revealed by Play Imaginative, and currently on display at the "Become Iron Man" promotional event at Bugis Junction, Singapore

Seen here is a painted plastic prototype for the 1/12th-scale (6-inch tall) articulated action figure in diecast metal known as "Super Alloy" from Play Imaginative. Past of me feels like this could have been the RoboCop-design the filmmakers should have adopted, rather than the all-Black ensemle for the remake, but that's just me ... nevertheless, I am utterly charmed by the graphic, although tis hard to judge on the figure based on the prototype … but apparently SHOTGUN has yet to be revealed anywhere else in whatever media, so this is pretty much a FIRST LOOK, people!

Tentatively scheduled for a release within 2013, stay tuned for updated product details when they are revealed. Meanwhile, here are the pics!


The Reveal of "Shotgun" & "Night Club" Iron Man Armors in 1/12 scale by Play Imaginative (for "Become Iron Man" @ Bugis Junction)

SDC13840 SDC13844

And while I had covered the launch of the "Become Iron Man" promotional event/exhibition @ Bugis Junction, Singapore - where we get to see 1/4-scaled "Super Alloy" figurines making their display debut from Play Imaginative - today saw the reveal of their 1/12th-scaled line-up of "Super Alloy", with two new Armors never truly seen in any forms of media thus far! Introducing the SHOTGUN and NIGHT CLUB Iron Man armored suits, as seen in "Iron Man 3" feature film!

SDC13842 SDC13891
SDC13864 SDC13841
(Above: SHOTGUN Armor / Below: NIGHT CLUB Armor)
SDC13847 SDC13889
SDC13851 SDC13852

On display alongside "Mark 42", "War Machine" and "Iron Patriot" (all of whom were earlier "revealed" via online images) - stay tuned while I go watch the movie and update you folks on where these armors could be spotted in the film!

While the prototypes on display are not the final figures and neither are they diecast (but painted plastic prototypes, shown here for display purposes), I am told that they will be articulated and come housed in a box with cut-out foam for the figures. Release is scheduled within this year, so keep bugging your fav retailers for availability details! Without any hyperbole, I am to have at least a couple for my own collection! Can you guess which? ;p

SDC13893 SDC13861
(Above: Iron Man Mark 42)
SDC13853 SDC13857
SDC13890 SDC13882
(Above: War Machine 2.0)
SDC13859 SDC13895
(Above: Iron Patriot)
SDC13870 SDC13856


Announcement for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 MyStamp from SingPost

ANNOUNCEMENT PRESS: "In conjunction with the release of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 movie, SingPost collaborates with Disney and Marvel to launch a limited edition Iron Man 3 MyStamp Collection. The set of collectible consists of 3 stamp sheets featuring the world’s favourite billionaire-inventor-Super Hero, Tony Stark aka Iron Man in his power suits.

Embark on an epic adventure of Iron Man with his awesome collection of armour to fight against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds to protect those closest to him.

The limited edition Marvel’s Iron Man 3 MyStamp is available from 24 April 2013 at all Post Offices and on http://shop.vpost.com.sg/ironman"
(Source: STGCC)

1/6 Red Snapper Collectible Figurine by Hot Toys (Power Pose Series for 'Iron Man 3')


First announced HERE, Hot Toys now unleashes images for their 1/6th-scaled RED SNAPPER armor, as seen in the "Iron Man 3" movie, launching this week in Singapore! Presented in the "Power Pose Series (PPS)" - "the disaster rescue suit Mark XXXV with an extended arm-length and movable claw-like hands which can perform movie-accurate iconic poses and twists very closed to that in the movie, with LED light-up functions and figure stand with Red Snapper and the Stark Industries nameplate." says Hot Toys' Press … and this is an interesting notion as well: "Collect the Power Pose Series together with the Movie Masterpiece Series and Diorama Series in 1/6th scale as some of the parts are compatible with each other!"

The description in the images basically shows you how awesome this playset looks to be, IMHO! View uploaded images HERE on my Facebook, and go bug your fav retailers/vendors for availability details soon!


UPDATED: Sideshow Toys has it for pre-order at US$254.99, with an estimated Ship Date of December 2013.

The Iron Man Mark XXXV (35) - Red Snapper Sixth Scale Figure features:
- Authentic likeness of Red Snapper - Mark 35 disaster rescue suit from IRON MAN 3
- Metallic red, gold, metal grey and silver painting on armor
- Approximately 34 cm tall
- Over 15 points of articulation
- Extended arm-length with movable claw-like hands
- LED-lighted eyes, RT on chest and claw-like hands (white light, battery operated)
- Ability to rotate or bend neck, arms, thighs, knees and feet for various poses
- Figure stand with Red Snapper and Stark Industries nameplate includes transparent pillar
- Suitable for display with Movie Masterpiece Series and Diorama Series


Source: Hot Toys
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