Game Spot Teaser for "Iron Man 3" & The Reveal of Jim Rhodes in the 'Iron Patriot' Suit

In anticipation for the upcoming debut of the TV Spot circa Superbowl (on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS) comes this 14-seconder teaser, featuring pior-seen images, and a new one with the Iron Patriot-mask up, revealing Jim Rhodes in the suit (screengrabbed for you folks, but of course).


New Poster for "Iron Man 3"


MARVEL releases a new poster image, of a damaged Iron Man hurling downwards from the skies. Interesting that tis no longer just "heroic" poses, and dans to show the vulnerability of the leading protagonist = *NICE*


Iron Man 3: Tony Stark Limited Edition Collectible Figurine


Hot Toys unleashes official images for their 1/6-scaled "Iron Man 3: Tony Stark Limited Edition Collectible Figurine" - which is essentially a pared-down Tony Stark, with his armor set aside on the workshop trolley, and a light-up base for him to stand on, as seen from the movie! Yes, this will go very nicely along with their Hall of Armor - take note you hardcore IM-collectors!

The addition IM-leg-armor additions are indeed a nice touch … and even the headsculpt features a new hairdo! Go check with your fav retailers/vendors for price and availability!

HOT TOYS PRESS: "The Iron Man 3 movie is coming in just three months! Hot Toys is excited to present the 1/6th scale Tony Stark Limited Edition Collectible Figurine from this highly anticipated Iron Man 3 movie. The movie-accurate Tony Stark collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as the genius billionaire Tony Stark in his workshop in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, newly sculpted advanced body with light-up chest light and highly detailed accessories."


'Iron Man 3' Mark XLII & War Machine 1/4 Collectible Busts from Hot Toys


Hot Toys has just released images of their 1/4th-scale Collectible Busts based on the designs of the anticipated "Iron Man 3" feature film, and we get to see the armor designs (or at least upper torso) of Iron Man Mark XLII and War Machine! I really like how WM's look is developing into, I admit :)

Both sculpts feature light-up functions, with a rotatable shoulder-mounted gatling gun on War Machine. Do check with your fav retailer/vendor for availability and pricing!


[Individual images uploaded HERE]


Iron Man Cosbabys from Hot Toys


Here's a peek at (mostly) blurry images of Cosbabys by Hot Toys, no doubt a re-release for some of them, as they look suspiciously like past armors seen in the Hall of Armor displays … perhaps the blister=card or display box WOULD look like the Hall of Armor for a straight-up display along with the box? LOL

Images from Mark OSR (from William Lau) / Hot Toys Community (from On.Cc)

1/4 Scale 'Iron Man 3' Busts from Hot Toys


Images from Mark OSR (from William Lau) / Hot Toys Community (from On.Cc)

'Tony Stark in Workshop' by Hot Toys (for "Iron Man 3")

Hall of Iron Man

Hot Toys releases an "official" online image and press-text, for their coming collectibles from Marvel's "IRON MAN 3" movie! While posted below are mazagine scans of what the figure set entails, and it looks to be a swell compendium to the earlier solicited "Hall of Armor" diorama set!
PRESS: 'One of the most anticipating blockbusters of the year - Iron Man 3 is coming soon in end April! A series of collectibles from this exciting movie will be launched very soon which you can match with our Hall of Armor Collectible Set including the Tony Stark Collectible Figure in his workshop, so that you can easily create the scene when he is putting on his armor in the trailer. More exciting photos of this and many collectibles from the Iron Man 3 movie are coming very soon. Iron Man fans, please stay tuned!'

Images from Mark OSR (from William Lau) / Hot Toys Community (from On.Cc)


Iron Man 3 from Hot Toys

"In this new year, there will be many new and exciting movies coming up and so do our collectible figures! Kicking start of the year, we are more than happy to announce to you one of your most expected Iron Man 3 license. A variety of Iron Man collectibles in different formats will be proudly presented soon. Stay tuned with us for more update in this wonderful season!" ~Hot Toys.
Nobody mentioned this to be an image from a 1/6th-scaled figure tho, but I reckon from their past releases, it is a no-brainer :p
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