the Iron Man Movie teaser that was supposed to launch Sept 11th (US-time - online 12th) [blogged] is now ONLINE = via glorious QT @ Apple-trailers ... or if you can't wait, here's youtube to the rescue:

but i'd sincerely advice you to wait for the Hi-Res-QT, trust me :)





so what's more powerful than Iron Man's Repulsor-blasts? what's an even bigger juggernaut than the Iron Monger? ... well, i reckon tis the Iron-Man-Movie-HYPE-MACHINE! = as the hype-mill starts to churn begining with CBR and SHH set-visit coverage to come ...

well, at least there are a coupla new(ish) pics to tide us over, innit? now to wait for the "official" online footage of the teaser shown during SDCC! Jon said it, and i believe him ... *heh*

[original post circa 30.08.07]


peep the new Iron Man movie-image (sans-text; first seen
on EMPIRE mag) giving hell to the tarmac-pavement LOL
this pose had been replicated with SideShowToys' Stealth Iron Man
(which is currently sold out) last seen on display @ SDCC'07

now i'll wait for someone to do a really decent fully-articulated 1/6th-version to replicate
this pose ... and i don't mean a blister-packed Marvel Legends-series either LOL

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as much as i have enjoyed the Iron Man movie's armor-design (both Mark-1 and Mark-3) thus far, i too am finding the Iron Monger armor quite intriguing (altho the moniker itself constantly gives me chuckle-fits LOL :p)

above are screengrabs from the recent teaser shown during SDCC [blogged] ... apparently in the movie, the Iron Monger-armor designed by Obadian Stane (Jeff Bridges) was (ripped-off) primarily based on Stark's Mark 1, but tis a much bulkier and bigger version (*i lurve heavy-mechas*) and from these spy-shots of a location shoot [via] - it looks like Iron Man has his iron-mitts full! *cool*

"The Iron Monger is an identity used by several fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe, most of whom have been supervillains. The first and most notable person to use that identity was billionaire industrialist Obadiah Stane, who used the Iron Monger armor in the climax of a long-running conflict with his nemesis, Iron Man. Stane first appeared in Iron Man #163, and first appeared as the Iron Monger in Iron Man #200." [wiki]

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i've been watching the Iron Man teaser video (shown during the SDCC Marvel Studios / Iron Man-panel) over and over again quite a few times - i couldn't help but be both excited and irked at the same time = marveled by the possibilities of the mecha-visuals unfolding triumphantly before us ... and be confounded by the utter-darkness that fills the (tilted) screen most times (which i've foolishly labored to photoshop screengrabs LOL)...here's hoping the "official" teaser will hit soon :)
you can read the trailer/teaser descriptions first [blogged - linked at bottom of post]
or just look at the "purdy" photoshopped-brightened-pics LOL :p
the smarmy humor might take some getting used to, but quite farnie thus far :p
the obligatory montage-passage-of-time-and-evolution sequence
which leads to the 'birth' of Mark-1 Iron Man armor! *whoo-hoo!*
Mark-1 rawks. 'nuff said.
did Pepper Potts jump into bed with her boss; Stark? (one word: "Hollywood")
Iron Monger rawks a total heavy-mecha-vibe!
as reported, all Iron Man-flying sequences shown thus far are not CG-created,
but are shot with practical armor, designed and made by Stan Winston = *cool*
tis no small wonder why im getting excited over the movie!
(really hope it doesn't suck as bad as Spiderman 3 did tho, IMHO...) *bleh*

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okay, this was created a whiles' back, for the pure heck of it...
now, would this be something YOU'D like to watch?


the crate has been 'official' opened and both Newsarama and Wizard Universe
were there to capture the moment... (and placate my beating heart :p)
... i realize i might just be liking this armor a tad too much? ... *bleh*
someone had better be making a kick-a$$ 1/6th-version of this soon!
... more 'unveiling' pics @ ComicBookResources

loads other titbits were revealed during the SDCC/ Marvel Studios-panel, including:

- The Mandarin is confirmed as one of Iron Man's nemesis [Jon Favreau interviewed on AICN]

- "They've wrapped principal photography and because they used so many practical FX--they actually built a suit and haven't done any CG on the footage (that was shown@SDCC) and a lot of it was in-camera--they were able to show so much. They're pulling the CGI together with ILM" [via]

- Audio Interviews with director Jon Favreau, stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard, and producer Kevin Feige @ SuperheroHype

[original image via]

[original post circa 29.07.07]


remember the Iron Man Mark-1 armor @ SDCC i was going-on about? the one that was supposed to make an appearance @ the San Diego Comic-Con? ... well this is what you see now ... a wooden-crate with a M1 and a 'Stark Industries'-stamped on it ... click ON the 'crate' and find out what's inside ...
added: new & clearer images posted HERE!

effin' steam-punk'd Iron Man! = *i likie*

apologies for the blurred pics tho ('image-integrity' means a lot to me, but i couldn't wait to share this! LOL :p) ... and im sure there will be way better images to come very soon (when the crate is opened eventually :p - *please send pics*) ... meanwhile lemme squint my eyes to enjoy and drool at the mecha a bit more, while you can go read the teaser-trailer descriptions of what director; Jon Favreau previewed for San Diego Comic-Con audiences just; @ ScreenRant.com or SuperHeroHype :)


added: new & clearer images posted HERE!

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frankly, i never was that huuuuge a hardcore-fan of Iron Man before all this movie-hoopla ... but becoz of it, i've since picked-up more Iron Man-related titles at the comicbookshop dammit!
and now Empire has to reveal this cover image? [via] = *coooool*

[original post circa 26.07.07]


now, i wouldn't be what you'd exactly call a "young man" anymore (*cough*) ... and most times, in public situations, i admittedly tend to downplay my "outward display of enthusiasm" quite a bit (ie: "holding back my fanboy-girlie-squeals of excitement") ... but i can only but imagine if i were at the Marvel Comics Booth this coming San Diego Comic-Con, and with the Iron Man Mark 1 armour was standing right in front of me? (like they said it would?) - then i say: screw propriety!

on-right is an image i'd like to share; found on the IronManMovieMySpaceGroups - be it fan-art or actual movie concept-art, it just looks to be a cool scene, IMHO :p

Posted July 6th by (director) Jon Favreau on myspace:
"Now that the movie is finally wrapped, I can spend a little more time filling you all in. I have been reading as many of your posts as I can and here are responses to your most popular questions:

First of all, as you probably already know, there is not a teaser trailer on the front of Transformers as many of you had hoped and speculated. We are, however, planning to reveal something very cool very soon. This month, in fact. In San Diego. We've secured a prime slot Saturday afternoon in the big room at SDCC. We will split an hour with Marvel and Hulk and plan to cut something together to reward the fans for their interest, support and patience. In addition to our Saturday afternoon presentation, we will be doing a signing and poster giveaway at the Marvel booth on Saturday. Paramount is also doing a rundown of its slate on Thursday which I will do my best to attend as well.

Second of all, you had questions about Iron Monger/Mandarin/Obadiah Stane. My response is read the books. We took certain liberties to keep things a fresh and unexpected but we are essentially using the books to inspire our story. Iron Man fans should have no problem piecing together what's what. As far as what villians appear in this movie's storyline, I should reiterate that in the year spent developing our story we decided to treat Iron Man as a first chapter. We cover the origin story and the rise of the hero. It stands alone as a movie, but definitely leaves room for more to be told. Sequels often feel like the story was slapped together in a scramble to exploit a successful franchise. I prefer when stories are mapped out in advance. They feel less repetitive and arbitrary. Additional Iron Man movies are by no means guaranteed but, if we are lucky enough to do more, we will be ready to do them well.

Third. Cameos. I've read that Sam Jackson and Hilary Swank are Shield agents and that I myself play a Vegas security guard. There is no truth to any of these rumors.

(Well, maybe one is true.)"
and this is the SDCC-Schedule for Saturday July 28th:

1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m
Iron Man Booth Event
"Join director Jon Favreau and Tony Stark himself, actor Robert Downey, Jr., for an exclusive unveiling and one-hour signing event!" [via]

[Marvel SDCC Hub]

[original post circa 25.07.07]


how cool is this?
[via/via] moving along very nicely indeed, IMHO :)

[original post circa 22.07.07]


so if "they" were hiring, would you apply for a gig? [via]

click on image to go to a new promo-site (ala I Believe In Harvey Dent?)
for the Iron Man? movie, maybe ... only time will tell ... *heh*

[original post circa 27.06.07]
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