New 'Iron Man 3' Still Shows A Wrecked IM-Suit


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Analysing The 'Iron Man 3' Trailer

"Iron Man", and every other superhero movie, is about "characters", of how they service the story of the film and how they relate to us, the viewer. In a superhero-themed film, how much can they really relate to us mortal folks? All this fancy talk just so I can geek-on about the recently released IRON MAN 3 trailer muahahahahaha - have a read, along with screengrabs. And since I am not privy to the story of the film, I can't say this is NOT A SPOILER FREE post though.

Go forth and view the trailer for yourselves here, if need be (all screengrabs via).


- Armor gets screwed up and damaged and needs to be dragged along in the snow by Tony.
- Is this post-Stark-pad gets blown up? Or a totally separate sequence of events?
- How many times does IM-armors get damaged? Hopefully not too many too often a times, otherwise tis milking the cow here, innit? IMHO, anyways :p


- Gratuitous shots of Star testing out Extremis and his new armor.
- Stark looks uber-fit, doesn't he? Kudos, custome-department! (I hate you for looking so good at your age, Downey Jr)
- You know that one-gloved-Iron Man armor-hand would become an eventual toy, right? Tell me I;m wrong here, folks!
- Stark emotes his desire to protect his loved one (aka "Potts"), foreshadowing her eventual kidnap and hostage - obvious plot, much?


- Stars Ben Kingsley. And is not an oriental. Marvel's Kevin Feige says he is an "International".
- The Mandarin's elaborate costume includes a hood/cowl.
- The Mandarin sport a tattoo at the nap of his neck, most probably of the "Ten Rings" (my speculation, because that would be cool)
- The Mandarin wears his rings in one sequence, and none in another - while cocking a pistol instead. I am thankful the rings do not have "powers" like the comicbook though. Save that stuff for "Avengers 2" cosmic powers etc


- Exotic locale where disintegrated humans' mark remains on the wall (ala Atom Bomb effects in Hiroshima)
- Stark undergoes surgery, with acupuncture needles still stuck on his body (is that even possible?)
- Pepper Potts becomes a hostage. Never had a shred of a doubt she eventually will be.


- What I had initially thought to be Iron Man flying off to battle other rogue Iron Man armors, turned out to be an ariel rescue. My enthusiasm got the better of me, and I should have known there must be a sequence where the value of Iron Man in "society" needs to be shown (versus the obvious Military application with "Iron Patriot").


- Flashy entrance and introduction to the world, no doubt due to stolen tech from Mark 2 and a combination of War Machine (hence the mini-gun) and the more mobile suit seen.
- Iron Patriot roughing someone up in a board/meeting room? Has he gone "rogue"? We never did see a clash between IP and IM, yet, do we? Heh.


- Quick single flash of the African-American brother-man, looking dangerously like the sole token AA-dude in this flick, doesn't he? And he "stole" a Mark 2 in "Iron Man 2" too?
- There isn't even a "token-Oriental" to back him up - they made the Mandarin an "International", remember? LOL


- Stalking Pepper while she's sleeping? (Result of Tony's dreamscape controlling the armor?)
- Armor against it's master? Stark, mate, I think your armor's getting out of control here!


- So he switches off the glowy-lights at night? Who would've thought that Stark would be an energy-saver!
- I bet the red+gold armor comes back at the end of the day to save the day! muahahahaha


- Dude doesn't get a break does he?
- From the helicopter's make and markings, this seems not to be a Government / Military-strike.
- I love it that even Stark's armor could't save him, and drags him to the depths of the ocean. Perhaps a story-device for him to "upgrade" eventually … so say, outer-space survival capabilities? Heh.


So are YOU ready for IRON MAN 3 in May 3rd, 2012?

Disclaimer: This is not the full sequence of the trailer shown or featured here.


Official Trailer for IRON MAN 3

[Check out Apple.com for Hi-Res Version]

First Look at "The Mandarin' in Iron Man 3 / Teaser for IM3 Trailer


Here's a first look at actor Ben Kingsley as "The Mandarin" in Iron Man 3.
OMG - "Gandhi" has become a villain!

Source: First Showing / via Entertainment Weekly


Actually we first saw him in the earlier teaser (posted below) for the trailer (set to unleash this Tuesday), or at the least the back of his bun-up hairdo tho .. and he's not wearing ten rings but cocking a pistol?

First Official Iron Man 3 Movie Poster


Courtesy of Marvel.


First Official Iron Man 3 Set Photo


First Official Iron Man 3 Set Photo - courtesy of MARVEL - featuring an even impressive line-up of IM-armor on display = something that action figure collectors can look forward to building from their Hot Toys Iron Men and Display Cases!


The Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3


Not soon after Superhero Hype confirmed the existence of IRON PATRIOT in the upcoming IRON MAN 3 movie, does paparazzi-shots of the armor on set has flooded the www!
"The armor made its first appearance in 2009's "Dark Avengers" #1. Following the events of the "Secret Invasion" crossover, Norman Osborn was mistakenly heralded as an American hero and tasked with leading a group of government-sanctioned Avengers. Taking the technology from Stark Industries, Osborn designed his suit to represent the then-recently-deceased Captain America." ~reported SHH
As movies go these days, I am wholly unsure the duration in which this character might see on-screen time, and frankly am hesitant to speculate, but there is this "thrill" that me might see more armored-characters ala 'Armor Wars' other than the current notion of the "Extremis" storyline.

Nevertheless, check out THIS post on TOYSREVIL where a local hobby-customizer customized a 1/6th-scale Iron Man from Hot Toys into the Iron Patriot!



Shane Black for Iron Man 3 @ CinemaCon

In the CinemaCon presentation, Director Shane Black "dubbed the movie a "technological thriller" and a "crisis movie" set in the world of "international war, arms and terror" saying that they will "put Tony Stark through the wringer" as they explore the trials of being Tony Stark. Although no villain has been revealed for the film, he said the villain will be one that will "frighten in today's world."" (As reported by Superhero Hype),

It has been said that IM3 will be more focused on "Tony Stark", rather than just the armor, and that there will be a metaphoric parallel to the notion of creating the armor in the Cave in IM#1 (I read this somewhere via Robert Downey Jr's quote, but no longer know where I read if from, my apologies). Looks to be like a spy/heist-ish thriller, with mechanical cyborg-armor, of course ;p

Will Andy Lau Be In Iron Man 3?

"Now, before everyone screams "The Mandarin", it is extremely unlikely that the film's producers would get behind a plot whose central villain was a Chinese character, especially one as flagrantly racist as The Mandarin. Word is that Lau (or whoever finally lands the role) would play a good guy - a Chinese scientist who comes to the aid of his old buddy Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) by providing him with some new tech that will help him battle Ben Kingsley's villain, but more importantly Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and his Extremis biotechnology." ~reported James Marsh at TwitchFIlm
The actor is question is Singer/Actor ANDY LAU, for the 3rd IRON MAN movie, to be directed by Shane Black with a 3rd of May 2013 release date. It has also been reported that there will be "China" backing for the film financially, and that Iron Man 3 will be shooting on location in China (including Hong Kong and Shanghai).

Frankly, Andy Lau is not exactly a "thespian" in the realms of the silver screen (but then again, when has anyone asked for one in the first place?), but his commercial appeal is undeniable, especially in the Eastern part of the world, and as a foil to the charismatic "Tony Stark" (played by Robert Downey Jr), they would be on the same visual-level of 'good looks' and 'ability' that folks in the East might well crave, visually at the very least. Good call, if the casting ever goes thru tho, IMHO.


Marvel's The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial (Extended)

While I've not exactly been posting "news" about the upcoming 'Iron Man 3' movie, seems we'll be seeing loads of Stark and 'ol shellhead in the Joss Hwedon-directed AVENGERS movie! Let's work our way backwards and start with the latest The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Spot, which has a swell conversation between Stark (sans armor) and the villain of the movie Loki at the end sequence!
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