Hot Toys' MMS Diecast Series: 1/6 Iron Patriot from 'Iron Man 3'


Hot Toys releases images of their first figure from their MMS DIECAST SERIES, featuring the Iron patriot" from the movie "Iron Man 3"! In 1/6-scale, featuring a headsculpt of Don Cheadle (which I hope is not diecast metal, because that would be weird), metallic red, white and blue star spangled armor (hella rocking'), light-up functions and rotatable machine gun. Why it took so long for "Iron Man" to be made in diecast metal, is beyond me! LOL

Price? Now that's the hot ticket, innit? I've read from "unconfirmed sources" (aka friend-collectors lol) it's pegged at around $300, but will update this once a fixed price is available (aka waiting on for Sideshow's listings lol). Do check with your fav retailers for availability tho!

Check out further images HERE on my Facebook-album!


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