the Mark-1 armor seen in Las Vegas [all images via io9.com]:

so okay, if anybody's ever going to make a 1/6th-scaled version of the Mark-One
(from the Iron Movie) - i'd rather it be made by Hot Toys

and i don't even really care (much) for the headsculpt within (Tony Stark) - as long as the armor and moving-bits are weathered as beautifully, and the details insane'o. Hot Toys have recently been pretty much the IT-producers of detailed 1/6th, IMHO [tagged] - consider their recent track-record with mecha-themed products, like Aliens Power Loader, even ED209 (Robocop) and even Ex Machina,

sure Medicom could give it a go, but it may not be as weathered (of coz i could self-weather, but given the regular price-points, why would you wanna work even harder?). Takara may indeed give it a good go (but the price points may yet slap me down LOL) ... SideShowToys will be my next close choice ... and who else is there? existing players? (just imagine for a moment Hasbro is not involved, yeh? as hawt as how Mark-3 looked :p) ... or perhaps even brand new ones? = what do YOU think?

image source [via SHH]: "Iron Man director Jon Favreau brought the Mark I armor to the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and you can view photos here."

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