TOYSREVIL @ "Become Iron Man" (Bugis Junction, Singapore)


Open to the general public on April 19th (from 10AM) at Bugis Junction, Singapore (in front of the Intercontinental Hotel) is "Become Iron Man" = a promotional space featuring:

(1) an area where YOU get to "wear' the Iron Man armor (virtually) via motion-sensor technology.
(2) A display of Iron Man-themed action figurines and play-sets from Hasbro
(3) Display from Disney-XD of their programs/cartoons,
(4) a spectacular display of Super Alloy articulated figures from Play Imaginative (this is the first public display of the 1/4-scaled figures!).

SDC13780 SDC13785
(HASBRO and other displays)
SDC13782 SDC13784
SDC13781 SDC13783


SDC13777 SDC13778
SDC13812 SDC13811

Essentially you step on a small raised stage in front of a plasma screen with a mounted "special" camera, whereby images of pieces/portions of the Iron Man Mark 42-armor "fly" and attach itself to your body via "motion-sensor technology" (very much like this early incarnation of "Augmented Reality" back in 2010 circa "Iron Man 2") ala Stark in his trailer(s), all the while playback on-screen comes along with audio-narration from "Jarvis", telling you what's next and what to do.

And for the duration of the entire experience, a total of 4 x pictures/stills of you "in action", will be captured and posted online, afters.

SDC13770 SDC13771
SDC13772 SDC13773 SDC13775

Expect a little portion of the experience where you are to boogie tho - whereby I no doubt would have Gangnam-styled it, or Saturday-Night-Boogied it - but alas I chickened out was too shy to go thru with my stage-debut, with encouragement from Leon of Open The Toy (go click on the link and show him some cyber-lurve, why doncha?) and thru a guilt-trip from Daphne at Play Imaginative (who invited me to this event - my thanks!).

Poses to consider attempting if you visit and try: Ultraman-pose, Kamen Rider-pose, "Gentleman"-dance by Psy … but you know what? I'm just a "talker" here, not a "do-er", so I'll let you folks decide what to o yourselves LOL


SDC13753 SDC13752
SDC13744 SDC13736 SDC13717

And while I did managed to cajole Darren from P.I. to let me manhandle the prototype version of the RAW Edition Iron Man 1/6 (no pics for that tho, sorry), folks at the event are NOT to touch the exhibits tho! LOL

Play Imaginative (www) debut their 1/4th-scaled "Super Alloy" Iron Man armors seen in "Iron Man 3" - and this was their first public display debut too - featuring Gemini / Deep Space Suit, Heartbreaker, Red Snapper, War Machine 2.0, Iron Patriot and the "hero"-suit of the movie; Mark XLII - and they were pretty breathtaking to behold too, no B.S.! On display was also the 1/6th-scaled Iron Man with Hall of Armor display, which looked impressive. What I thoroughly enjoyed about this island display, was that you could see the BACKS of the figures as well!

SDC13701 SDC13723
SDC13699 SDC13737
SDC13749 SDC13691
SDC13690 SDC13746
SDC13722 SDC13726

The 1/4th-scaled "Super Alloy Iron Man Mark XLII - Exclusive Edition " is currently on pre-order as well (Check full details here), with complimentary tickets for the "Iron Man 3" movie up for grabs before the film's debut on April 25th in Singapore. It was also mentioned that there will be an addition of Tony Stark's headsculpt and interchangeable "battle-damaged" armor! A shame they were not on display at the event tho …

SDC13738 SDC13713

To note, the figures feature light-up in the chest, palms (representing Repulsor rays) and feet - but were not switched on during this media event - so folks grab some snaps when it opens to the public! As for the status of the display=base in which the figures stand on, P.I. said: "thats not the exact base & figure stand. it will be semi die-cast, the arms of the stand w rotation & adjustable height".

What was exceeding interesting, with this particular booth with empty-stands! Well, they are meant for the 1/12-scaled figures (standing about 6-inches tall) and feature armor designs that has yet to be revealed to the public, either via trailers or promotions! The figures will be revealed post-April 25th, when the film premieres in cinemas!

SDC13739 SDC13747

"Become Iron Man" exhibits thru May 5th, 2013. Here's the latest trailer to help seal the deal LOL

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