"revealed" on Hasbro's Iron Man Vault of Armor (?) is an image of a Titanium Man toy-figure! agreeing with ComicBookMovie, either tis a character in the movie-based video-game, or a surprise villain in the movie ... if it be the latter, perhaps someone who appears near the end? when Stark's technology falls into the hands of others (Obidah Stane's "parting gift" to Stark?), thereby providing a story/plot for a sequel possible? ... pure speculation from my end, but of coz :)

but of coz, it could just be yet another money-spinner. *cough*


The Titanium Man ("Chelovek-Titan")is the name of two or more fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe. The original Titanium Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense #69 (September 1965). He was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

there have been 3 Titanium Men thus far:

Titanium Man I - Boris Bullski
Boris Bullski donned a suit of armor using the lab of Anton Vanko, the creator of the original Crimson Dynamo armor with the aim of winning back his Party's favor by winning a propaganda victory against the West by defeating the American superhero Iron Man. He assigned the scientists to create a powerful suit of titanium armor based on the Iron Man technology ... Bullski received permission to issue his challenge and Iron Man accepted, defeating Titanium Man in a battle before a worldwide television audience.

Titanium Man II - The Gremlin
The second Titanium Man was the mutant formerly known as the Gremlin, and served with the Soviet-era superhero group, the Soviet Super-Soldiers. The Gremlin was killed in combat with Iron Man during the first "Armor War" when the titanium in the suit exceeded its combustible temperature.

Titanium Man III - The Hammer
The identity of the third (?) Titanium Man is the subject of some controversy. The first time this figure manifested itself, he attacked Stark Enterprises and Iron Man directly, apparently under orders of Stark-Fujikawa (possibly as a mercenary). While he was shown to cherish Soviet paraphernalia and newspaper clippings featuring Boris Bullski, his identity was not firmly established.

Some time later, during a space mission to destroy an enormous asteroid that threatened to impact on Earth, a Titanium Man, claiming to be this same person, stated his name was Andy Stockwell, and had never had a connection with the USSR. However, moments later it was revealed he was actually a member of "The Hammer", an international network of communist sleeper cells who wanted to destroy the United States. He was lost in space, but being not too far away from Earth, may have returned under his own power.

the last scenario would make a decent plot for IRON MAN 2, dunit? IMHO, of coz :p

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