CHUD had a look an the upcoming trailer (after the Super Bowl-spot and possibly the last before the movie release) - and this is the trailer description; for which i've shamelessly mirrored here (in point-form, i can't pilfer everything, innit? *cough*) :p

NOTE: the trailer had "some unfinished effects (but includes that PS2 looking Iron Man shooting the tank bit from the Super Bowl commercial ... the music opens with AC/DC's Back in Black and closes with Audioslave's Cochise ... (with) the structure is similar to previous trailers."

- open with Tony in Afghanistan, with some Downey humor.

- The attack happens, he gets captured, he builds the prototype, he escapes.

- Stark returns to America, where he is met by Pepper Potts ... and then we see Stark's supermodern house, which talks to him.

- The next sequences have the creation of the suit, with voice over by Stark explaining that he had a change of heart in captivity and wants to help the people he used to hurt.

- Obadiah Stane goes to Afghanistan to get the grey Iron Man suit schematics.

- Tony learns to fly in the Iron Man armor (poorly).

- We (see) inside the helmet shots of Stark's face as he's flying and then crashing.

- Rhodey pops up with the schematics for the new armor, which is all gold, and Stark tells him to throw in some race car red.

- lots of action with Iron Man and jets

- Iron Monger grabbing a passing motorcycle out from under a guy and nailing Iron Man with it, a nuclear looking punch to the ground.

- Tony Stark addressing what is likely his board of directors: "There's been some speculation I've been running around as a super hero. Let's face it - I'm just not the hero type. Clearly."

here's the MVs of the music mentioned above (for some "mood music" as you imagine the trailer-sequences described LOL

Back In Black by AC/DC

Cochise by Audioslave

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