"i think i'll make myself an armored suit to cover-up my shiny chest-disc."

TONY: "i mean, i've tried to reduce the brightness of the glow-disc ..."
DUDE: "eerrr ... i don't think you should be sticking that thing into your glow-disc, dude"

DUDE: "ya gotta hammer-in that module there..."
TONY: "dude the disc aint glowing no more, i could die .. stop that hammering!"

"dude! could you like, get off my ass? im trying to find a part to cover my glowy-chest!"

PEPPER: "Tony? couldn't you like, make an on/off switch or something like that?"
TONY: "don't be silly! don't go yakking about things you don't know about, woman!"

"daymn, that woman was right!"

"hhhmmm now where am i gonna put that on/off switch in the armor?"

"now where did i put the other glove? ..."

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