'Tony Stark in Workshop' by Hot Toys (for "Iron Man 3")

Hall of Iron Man

Hot Toys releases an "official" online image and press-text, for their coming collectibles from Marvel's "IRON MAN 3" movie! While posted below are mazagine scans of what the figure set entails, and it looks to be a swell compendium to the earlier solicited "Hall of Armor" diorama set!
PRESS: 'One of the most anticipating blockbusters of the year - Iron Man 3 is coming soon in end April! A series of collectibles from this exciting movie will be launched very soon which you can match with our Hall of Armor Collectible Set including the Tony Stark Collectible Figure in his workshop, so that you can easily create the scene when he is putting on his armor in the trailer. More exciting photos of this and many collectibles from the Iron Man 3 movie are coming very soon. Iron Man fans, please stay tuned!'

Images from Mark OSR (from William Lau) / Hot Toys Community (from On.Cc)

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