Hulkbuster In-Action from Comicave Studio

Seen above in this swell animated gif is Comicave Studio's HULKBUSTER in-action featuring a remote-controlled chest opening to reveal an Iron Man Mark 43 inside! (Posted On TOYSREVIL Facebook.)

And there are a variety of scales to be unleashed too! From 1/4, to a 1/12-scaled (video sample on Facebook), with pre-orders opening in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

Do check out their website at www.comicavestudios.com for product details, and their Facebook page for updates, and as well look forward to a toy review of their 1:12 scale (diecast) Igor Iron Man Mark 38 sometime soon on TOYSREVIL too!

Thank You #Comicave for the 1/12th IGOR! Can't wait to check him out! #toylife #toyreviewcoming

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