Iron Man Mark I - VII Cosbaby Bobble-Heads from Hot Toys

With the opening of their new flagship store in Shanghai, China, Hot Toys announces a slew of exclusives to "celebrate this remarkable occasion" - that'll either send collectors in a state of toy-nirvana, or unbridled frenzy (for after market madness). No prices were revealed, along with the images on HT Facebook tho. This is one such item.

HOT TOYS PRESS: "Hot Toys’ Cosbaby series has been very popular over the year as the adorable and stylish appearance of the iconic characters has captured the heart of many fans. Today we are pleased to continue to expand this series and officially present the new Iron Man Cosbaby Bobble-Head series!

This new Iron Man Cosbaby Bobble-Head series feature Tony Stark’s iconic Mark I to Mark VII armor he used throughout the films specially crafted in Cosbaby form with bobble-head function.

These Iron Man Cosbabies will come individually or in a collectible set and will be firstly available at Hot Toys’ new flagship store in Shanghai, China, so Cosbaby fanatics shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to come to our new store and enhance your display with these adorable Iron Man!

Hot Toys Shanghai Flagship Store:
Address: No. 835, Lakeshore, Disneytown, Lane 255, West Shendi Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am-10pm"

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