Tony Stark's Iron Man Gloved-Hand in Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

One of the distinct showcase of the recent Super Bowl TV Spot for Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, was a dedicated look at Tony "Iron Man" Stark's handy "IM-glove", which he activates and uses to deflect Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes (possible) assassination attempt!

A paralleled recreation of the excitement first seen in the Iron Man xxx film, when Tony first straps on the IM-gloved-hand? No doubt an "evolution", from his briefcase-suit at the race-tracks (in "Iron Man 2"), and subsequently in the first Avengers movie, when he descends from the skies while his suit envelopes him …

Nevertheless, here is a closer "look" at the scene - via screengrabs - of what no doubt would manifest as a "toy"! Be it a "life-sized attach-on, or possibly a "variant edition bonus" that'll go with the eventual 1/6th-version released by Hot Toys, innit? HAH.

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