Superhero/Comicbook-adapted movies has come to the forefront of the general consciousness and media acceptance (altho not totally "understanding-of") and has never been as hyped and marketed as they do in this day and age, what with multiple Viral marketing, promotions and a deluge of coverage that threatens to engulf online netizens (least of me my humble blog LOL) who dwell in this particular www-realm, for sure the genre is carving out it's own niche in celluloid-history, it remains some time before it's acceptance into the pantheons of "recognized filmmaking" (via the traditionalists and thespians) is as accepted and welcomed, as the fans of this genre, IMHO. With vaulted peers as The Dark Knight, Hulk, The Watchmen and it's ilk, IRON MAN stands poised to go down in history as the movie that did ... as for what it actually did, I'd only dare to speculate on it's intent and reactions, by my own personal opinion. And hopefully, when YOU folks have seen the movie, we could all geek-out over it together :)

I'd personally managed to catch the 11:30AM screening on April 30th @ Cathay Cinema in Downtown East's E!Hub - CLICK HERE (link to my primary blog) to read my humble review (including ***SPOILERS***) and long-ramble about the movie :)

**DO NOTE: Please stay until the end of Credit Roll to see a "Surprise Prologue Sequence" involving Tony and Nick - 'nuff said!

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