*note: the following banter is meant for comedic effect
and aims not to slur nor slander any one in particular*

"take my shiny chest-piece, Stane, take it here and now!"

"are you insane? not in a million years, Stark! not in a million years!"

"whassup wit that guy? not good enough for him, is it?

"oh Pepps, i don't know how to get thru to him!"

"maybe you both just have to speak the same language, Tones ...
or maybe you just don't WOW him enough?"

"YES! i will build me a better chest-piece! a much
more attractive one! and i will be irresistible! YES!"

"doncha think i look hawt in this?"

"whatever, dude, whatever... no credit tho, i only take CASH."

"could you tell your Boss to lay off me? this obssession's getting a bit ridiculous..."

"hey, not my problem, Stane - you started it - you end it!"

"...okay, this has to stop, Tones! Stane's gone and built himself
a new set of armor already, fer pete's sake!"

"whaaaaa?... the basturd! ~sniffle~"

"i'll show him! i'll show him who's a bright, bright shining star!"

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