Iron Man collARTible Expo by Hot Toys @ Miramar Shopping Centre, HK (April 22-May 9)


PRESS: First-of-its-kind Iron Man collARTible Expo in HK! Iron Man 2 is coming to Hong Kong next week!

Beloved by millions of fans all over the world, this iconic superhero is expected to bring us an “Iron Man wave” in the weeks to go! To catch this exciting moment, Hot Toys is very proud to present the first-of-its-kind Iron Man CollARTible Expo at Miramar Shopping Centre in Hong Kong from April 22 – May 9, in line with the movie launch.

At the exhibition, the first-of-its-kind life-size War Machine statue will be proudly unveiled! What’s more, Hot Toys’ full-range Iron Man collectible figures series will be showcased together for the first time! To add to this event more creative elements, Hot Toys has invited a total of over twenty distinguished artists from the U.S., Japan, Korea and Hong Kong to customize their own thematic projects on Hot Toys’ Iron Man Mark III collectible figure!

The list of leading international designers, to name but a few, include the 3D key artists Mr Anthony Mestas, Mr Bernardo Esquivel, Mr Heath Hammond and Mr Jesse Lincoln from Sideshow Collectibles, Japanese designers Mr Peiper and Mr Kaz, Korean painter Lalla, celebrated designers from Hong Kong including Mr Elphonso Lam, Mr Eric So, Mr Kenny Wong, Mr William Tsang, Mr Winson Ma and many more.

Hot Toys and Iron Man fans, come to join us for this creative, artistic and marvelous event in Hong Kong! Or stay tuned on our Facebook page for the most updated daily news starting from today!


***Check out customed 1/6th-scaled Iron Man Mark IIIs by Winson Ma, Ultraman Fong and Kenny Wong on my TOYSREVIL blog-post!

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