found some interesting "rejected" Iron Man armour-designs (by Brandon Perlow) @Screen Rant [via] - for the feature film adaptation of the comicbook, as directed by Jon Favreau (oh man, i hope the pix wif the guns ain't gonna be an indication of how the movies' gonna lead to, yeh?)

seems the "powers-that-be" preferred Adi Granov's designwork (far left) done for the Marvel Comics' Iron Man Extremis mini-series (written by Warren Ellis) instead.

What to Consider When Designing the Iron Man Suit:
01. HEADSPACE = either the actor's head's not too big or the helmet has to be a tighter (and uncomfortable) fit. if not, based on human proportions, it'll be a "bobble-head" instead of a "shell-head" (Iron Man's nick in da comics :p)

02. PUFFED BUFFED SHOULDERS = probably needta broaden the shoulder-area to compliment and/or compensate for the bobblehead-issue. and also to create that all-important V-shaped superhero silhouette.

03. DO YA LIKE MY BODY = a buffed-up actor's body is just gonna be a tighter-fit (and less of a "surprise") for Iron Man. remember, he's not Batman, whose trained his own body to be a deadly weapon ... Tony Stark's suit of armor is the weapon. (unless of coz tis all "thought-activated", then tis Tony's alcoholic-mind lah)

04. THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR FLYING = gotta give that man a pair'o chunky-boots. why? becoz he doesn't want to burn his feets with his rocket-blasts ... and becoz it could add height to the man.

which means Tom Cruise is out. he's gonna end up looking like the Bicentannial-Man, innit?

05. DON'T SWEAT DA DETAILS = loadsa details are good i reckon, altho might be tad too distracting ... mayhap working with similar tonal colors, with detailing captured as textures via the lights? or mayhap, "less is more"

and here's my (token) proposed design [click to view larger image], with the joints and metal-skin surfaces being an organic metal substance that oozes out of the main-armour joints to connect to each other. ya gotta lurve da chunky-boots, eh? well, i do anyways ... *heh*

and then i read this:
"On July 22, 2006 at the San Diego Comic-Con, Favreau confirmed that the villain for the upcoming film would be the Mandarin. He also announced that, "The suit will be more like a weapons platform than a flying suit – more of a War Machine-feel to it." [via] - so it still might be "chunkier" than we thought, huh? shudder *hhhmmmm*

what's your proposed Iron Man armour-design? email me wif pix or links to your design please, thanks :)

[original post circa 21.09.06]

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