remember the Iron Man Mark-1 armor @ SDCC i was going-on about? the one that was supposed to make an appearance @ the San Diego Comic-Con? ... well this is what you see now ... a wooden-crate with a M1 and a 'Stark Industries'-stamped on it ... click ON the 'crate' and find out what's inside ...
added: new & clearer images posted HERE!

effin' steam-punk'd Iron Man! = *i likie*

apologies for the blurred pics tho ('image-integrity' means a lot to me, but i couldn't wait to share this! LOL :p) ... and im sure there will be way better images to come very soon (when the crate is opened eventually :p - *please send pics*) ... meanwhile lemme squint my eyes to enjoy and drool at the mecha a bit more, while you can go read the teaser-trailer descriptions of what director; Jon Favreau previewed for San Diego Comic-Con audiences just; @ ScreenRant.com or SuperHeroHype :)


added: new & clearer images posted HERE!

[original post circa 27.07.07]

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