as much as i have enjoyed the Iron Man movie's armor-design (both Mark-1 and Mark-3) thus far, i too am finding the Iron Monger armor quite intriguing (altho the moniker itself constantly gives me chuckle-fits LOL :p)

above are screengrabs from the recent teaser shown during SDCC [blogged] ... apparently in the movie, the Iron Monger-armor designed by Obadian Stane (Jeff Bridges) was (ripped-off) primarily based on Stark's Mark 1, but tis a much bulkier and bigger version (*i lurve heavy-mechas*) and from these spy-shots of a location shoot [via] - it looks like Iron Man has his iron-mitts full! *cool*

"The Iron Monger is an identity used by several fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe, most of whom have been supervillains. The first and most notable person to use that identity was billionaire industrialist Obadiah Stane, who used the Iron Monger armor in the climax of a long-running conflict with his nemesis, Iron Man. Stane first appeared in Iron Man #163, and first appeared as the Iron Monger in Iron Man #200." [wiki]

[original post circa 05.08.07]

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