personally, after all the "hoopla" about the Iron Man armor/suit-design for the upcoming feature film starring Robert Downey Jr, this Mark-1 version [below/via] somehow looks the best. "low-tech" makes for a more "interesting" form ... but that's just me LOL :p

here's my pitch for an Iron Man-trilogy:

the trilogy spans three generations of Iron Men, from the World War 2 incarnation (which could involve part of The Invaders), revered by many and yet shunned by others for fear of this mechanical-monster, the suit is retired and kept in deep storage ... decades later, the suit is called upon again to fight adversity, this time in the generation of advanced science, where billionaire Anthony Stark Jr fights to keep his company alive, and that of interior invasion of techno-terrorists. the fight is won, but the suit is damaged, the wearer of the armor is crippled and Iron Man is no more ...

fast forward to the future, where technology and science has kept Stark Jr alive and in stasis, with only his brain surviving ... and with such had his consciousness transplanted into a cyborg-Iron Man, to again raise arms against the Techno-Wars, also known as World War Three...
[deviantart] if this concept sounds like something you've read (or written) before, my apologies (for i've not read anything like this before tho) but for sure this is culled from various inspirations (all the What Ifs and Elseworlds LOL) and mayhap will remain as my own little private story, shared with you now ... *heh*

[original post circa 21.04.07]

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