2nd Trailer for "Iron Man 3" Launches

So launches the second official trailer for "Iron Man 3", and this one packs a doozy of excitement, including an Iron Men Army, the reveal of the Hulkbuster Armor, and Pepper Potts in a black bra. "Excitement", I tell you!

Although the constant beats reminded me of what you'd expect from a Chris Nolan Dark Knight movie actually… heh.

AND this is not the best of image resolutions (shame on you, Yahoo!Movies, but of course they have nice stills), so perhaps stay tuned to the Apple Movie Page for when they eventually upload a higher-res version … then the impact might be more, well, "impactful" LOL

"Here's my boys…"
"Iron Hulkbuster Smash Hulk!"
That moment when your audition photo for "She-Hulk" goes viral…heh.

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