About That Working LED Lit-Up 'Arc Reactor' for Tony Stark in 1/6


Here's a picture of Robert Downey Jr as "Tony Stark", with his Arc Reactor on his chest (damn but is that a nice tee too!) … now check out the 1/6th-version of Tony (below) WITH lit-up LED embedded in it's chest!

Inserted by hand into the 12-inch Hitfigure body type, "similar to HT Wolverine body compatible all HT body joints" - it is currently available at Forty42 for SGD$180 per piece (include shipping worldwide. Payment via Paypal), and local pickups at their store in China Square Central is SGD$170 per piece. Would look pretty darn awesome with the "Tony Stark" casual tee and pants set (seen in 'The Avengers') released not too long ago tho!


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