Iron Patriot: Super Alloy 1/4 Collectible Figure by Play Imaginative (Seen @ "Become Iron Man" at Bugis Junction, Singapore)


And while I might have stated my preference for War Machine over Iron Patriot, it does not mean I have no lurve for the gaudily-colored dude, innit? Seen as the armor of evil helmed by Harry Osborn in the comicbooks, this USA_flag-colored "symbol" takes on literally a more "patriotic" representation in the "Iron Man 3" movie, possibly thanks to the same designing team who did Captain America's uniform!

Seen at the "Become Iron Man" promotional exhibition currently on at Bugis Junction, Singapore, is this impressive 1/4th-scaled IRON PATRIOT Collectible Figure from Play Imaginative, in diecast metal branded as "Super Alloy"! Currently no availability details at the moment, but do check in with your fav retailers/vendors for details.


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