The Reveal of "Shotgun" & "Night Club" Iron Man Armors in 1/12 scale by Play Imaginative (for "Become Iron Man" @ Bugis Junction)

SDC13840 SDC13844

And while I had covered the launch of the "Become Iron Man" promotional event/exhibition @ Bugis Junction, Singapore - where we get to see 1/4-scaled "Super Alloy" figurines making their display debut from Play Imaginative - today saw the reveal of their 1/12th-scaled line-up of "Super Alloy", with two new Armors never truly seen in any forms of media thus far! Introducing the SHOTGUN and NIGHT CLUB Iron Man armored suits, as seen in "Iron Man 3" feature film!

SDC13842 SDC13891
SDC13864 SDC13841
(Above: SHOTGUN Armor / Below: NIGHT CLUB Armor)
SDC13847 SDC13889
SDC13851 SDC13852

On display alongside "Mark 42", "War Machine" and "Iron Patriot" (all of whom were earlier "revealed" via online images) - stay tuned while I go watch the movie and update you folks on where these armors could be spotted in the film!

While the prototypes on display are not the final figures and neither are they diecast (but painted plastic prototypes, shown here for display purposes), I am told that they will be articulated and come housed in a box with cut-out foam for the figures. Release is scheduled within this year, so keep bugging your fav retailers for availability details! Without any hyperbole, I am to have at least a couple for my own collection! Can you guess which? ;p

SDC13893 SDC13861
(Above: Iron Man Mark 42)
SDC13853 SDC13857
SDC13890 SDC13882
(Above: War Machine 2.0)
SDC13859 SDC13895
(Above: Iron Patriot)
SDC13870 SDC13856

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