Iron Man Mark XLII: Super Alloy 1/4 Collectible Figure by Play Imaginative (Seen @ "Become Iron Man" at Bugis Junction, Singapore)


Truthfully, I have not been a huge fan of the gold-and-red "Mark XLII" or "Mark 42" Iron Man armor, since it's initial reveal, up until now. Being the "hero suit" of the movie, just about glamorizes it, and over-blings it a tad too much … but seeing Pepper Potts donning the armor made more sense if indeed the suit belonged to HER, you know? Nevertheless, looks like it sure is here to stay, at the very least for the coming "Iron Man 3" movie…

Seen on display from Play Imaginative at the "Become Iron Man" promo exhibition currently on at Bugis Junction, Singapore, is this 1/4th-scaled "Super Alloy" articulated figure, in diecast metal! An "Exclusive Edition" is currently available for pre-orders (details here) priced at SGD$750 (Retail) - the figure comes along with interchangeable "battle damaged" armor pieces, and FIVE headsculpts - including this "Tony Stark"-likeness of actor Robert Downey Jr (from Sideshow Freaks / Image posted by "R3d15") - for a tentatoive September 2013-release.

The suit looks pretty awesome seen here, I have to admit tho ...


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